The FAA accidentally sent investigative  reporter information that maintenance done on an Allegiant airliner almost caused a crash. A former FAA investigator says the maintenance facility should have been shut down and subjected to a thorough investigation before being allowed to do further work on airliners. 

Yet, the FAA took no significant action. 

I've stated many times that the FAA is NOT A SAFETY ORGANIZATION, but rather a political tool to protect investors. 

What does this mean to you as a concerned or anxious flier? First, if you are considering flying Allegiant, stop that consideration and find another way to fly to your destination. If you are, however, thinking of driving instead, go ahead an fly Allegiant rather than drive as it is safer than driving. But there are, based on investigative reporting by the Tampa Bay News, reasons to believe Allegiant's operation is not as safe as major U.S. airlines.

In a phone call last summer with one of the newspaper's investigative reports, I learned that it is Allegiant policy to push the engines past what has traditionally been considered safe maximum temperature limits during takeoff.

There is possible relief from this situation on the horizon, as Allegiant has plans to replace these planes with new Airbus 320s.