2 Feb


AA 1397

Airbus A321 (Sharklets)

Gate D37

Ended up having to take 2 cars to the airport due to a home server crash. For those that believe in omens, this--like previous reports--should dispel the notion. Had wife and boys leave without me while I did a restore from the previous night which took forever, but was successful. Server handles email, digital file cabinet, etc. so is pretty much the life of our digital existence and cannot be offline.

With traffic, I arrived about the same time they did, and I had luggage with me since I can check 3 for free. Valet parked due to timing, grabbed the bags, and hauled everything through the airport to the ticket counter where they waited. Lovely experience, that.

Bags checked boarding passes in hand, we all lined up at TSA PreCheck only to get behind some OAPs from the UK with literally metal body parts and no idea how this whole thing worked. Eventually got through and high-tailed it to Centurion Lounge for pre-flight dinner. After the server fiasco and the rush, we enjoyed a couple drinks while the boys ate. Flight was delayed about 15 minutes  due to weather in SFO which was a welcomed thing for timing, so we left the Centurion and dropped into the Admirals Club for a bit. Another 30 minute delay. Yay fog!

Hit the gate after boarding started and jumped in the Priority lane. I had split my reservation out for an upgrade--which did not happen--which meant I was not bound by the flying-with-children rule. Gate agent stopped me and said I could not sit in an exit row with children. I pointed out that I was on a completely different res, that my wife was with them in the 3-seat row, and that if they boarded before/after me, it never would have been on their radar. No dice. So he gave me a different aisle seat near them, and my wife had the forward thinking to stuff their crap in the overhead by them to "reserve" space for my suitcase. LOVE my wife

Flight departed late but into beautiful air for the flight out. We all settled in--boys blanketed and sleeping--and wife and I enjoyed a snack and drink (Executive Platinum perk).

Landed, grabbed the bags, dragged some sleepy boys to the train to the rental car facility, packed in, and drove off to the East Bay through SF.

6 Feb


AA 2207

Airbus A321 (Sharklets)

Gate 56B

LONG drive to the airport, even leaving at 0900. 7yr old tossing cookies all morning, and had to use the plastic garbage bag before we got to the airport. Barely made the baggage check time limit after dropping off the rental car, then headed through TSA Pre-Check. Hurling had subsided, so we decided to try eating at the Admirals Club. All good. Phew! Flight delayed by about 30 minutes.

Again, upgrade failed but we were all in a row--them on the right, me on the aisle across--behind the exit row so no gate agent intervention needed. Boarded and got settled. Announcement noted turb so there would be a delayed beverage/meal service. No big deal.

Takeoff was to the East with low visibility so no good views of SF. About 45 mins in, still no service so I head back to use the lav and just take a look at the status. Turb was minor. They are all just lounging in the seats, drinking coffee and talking, so I ask politely if they are going to do a service and they said yes, once the turbulence lessens. The whole scene with minor turb and them drinking coffee kinda irked me.

So I look toward the 1st class cabin--who had been getting full service the entire flight--and I said "Oh, ok. So are they in different turbulence?"

Apparently I didn't anger them too much as I got 2 Dewars for my freebie drink.

Couple lav trips for the boys, then quiet time for the duration. Turb picked up toward the end of the flight and things got fun. Boys were good but wife wasn't with a few of the drops.

Landed DFW in terminal A, deplaned, grabbed the bags--which actually came off first--then piled into my car to get them over to wife's car in Terminal D, offloaded the crew, and we all headed home from a great vacation.